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Why do we need to Use Worksharing?

Typically, a Team works on a Project. This team may be Architects & Consultants or there may be a team of Architects & Draftpersons working together, As we know, Working Drawings is a stage where there are large number of Drawings to be made. In AutoCAD, it is simpler for a Team to work together on the same Project as none of the different Drawings are interlinked. As compared to that, in Revit, there is a single Project file that has all the Drawings.

There can also be situations where a Team works on a Large Project which. A single building can have multiple Design aspects that need to be taken care of such as:

  • Building Facade
  • Floor Layouts
  • Furniture Layout and so on

The Project team may be in a single location such as in the same office or this team may be geographically dispersed and needs to work together. In all the above situations there is a need for the team to work together. How can this be done in Revit?


This is where Worksharing feature of Revit becomes the only real solution.

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How this works?

Revit creates a Central Revit Project file on a Central Server, a Remote Server on Cloud or a Computer in your Local Network. All users or Team members link to this file. While linking, Revit creates a local copy of the file. When users work on their local file, the changes are made in local file. Every user, Synchronizes the local file with the Central file. This way the Central files is updated by local users. Revit automatically manages user rights and does not allow another user editing another user’s work.

In this lesson we’ll have an an overview of Worksharing Concepts. We’ll get into a greater depth on this in the next Module.

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