Free Revit Modeling Tutorial


Office and Organizations are realizing the benefits of Revit and is becoming the primary Design & Documentation Tool. It is because of this that Revit is increasingly becoming one of the Core Skills for an Architect and is gradually replacing AutoCAD. Revit is a tool that provides numerous benefits and enables you to:

  • Design
  • Analyze your Design
  • Optimize your Design
  • Present
  • Document
  • Estimate Quantities

Course Description

Revit Architecture Modeling introduces you to Revit & BIM (Building Information Modeling) Concepts and how it benefits an Architecture Professional. Learn Architectural Modeling Techniques, Modeling a House, Develop Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections and 3D Perspective Views

How you will benefit

Revit is increasingly becoming one of the Core Skills and Organisations are actively seeking Professionals with Revit Skills. There is currently a huge shortage of Professionals with Revit Skills and this is one of the primary reasons that adaptation of Revit by Offices and Organizations is slow, though there is an exponential growth. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improve your understanding of Revit and evaluate it’s benefits
  • Improve your Job Prospects
  • Get an additional 10% discount when you take up the full Revit Architecture for Beginners course


Course Materials

Revit Template, Workbook, Live Session Recordings